Heart of The Swarm

Heart of the Swarm

Starcraft.  Heart of The Swarm

Most anticipated game , Starcraft, was released at July 27th. Blizzard, as always, announced the game two-three years before the beta, and people were uneasy , waiting for the release, watching Youtube movies, following concept-art and  reading forums
When the Wings of Liberty campaign was not yet released, rumors about second expansion: Heart of The Swarm began. Starcraft Heart of The Swarm, should continue the story  from the place, where the first part left – Terrans restored Sarah Kerrigan back to humanity. Though unclear, how Heart of Swarm will  explain the story of Zerg – since there will not be any Zerg Queen Any more.
Heart of Swarm expansion should introduce new units, as usually Blizzard does – people all over the internet are speculating, what units exactly? Some say , lurkers will be back.  Blizzard is known for tuning the balance between races very well (so we shouldn’t worry too much about balance) – which is hard job, since all the races are so different, and there are lots of aspects to take care, make sure there is a counter unit to every unit, counter tactic to every counter tactic, and so on.

The 3 Campaigns

Starcraft 2 Heart of The Swarm will be Zerg Campaign ,as can be clearly understoon from its name. Developers told us , in various interviews, that they have a lot of ideas of how to implement this campaign, since it should vastly differ from the Terran one. There will not be any battle-cruiser, star-maps and so on. Any guess is a good guess, but some kind of Lair, of an Overmind cavern is likely.

Blizzard (the game studio that develops Starcraft Heart of The Swarm) explained, why there will be 3 expansions, and not one game, like we all are used to.
They want each campaign to be unique, to have an interesting plot, be well designed and balanced. The first part – Wings of Liberty (Terran campaign),  was truly epic. Very interesting story-line, new units, tight balance, well done cinematics – it surely deserves 10/10 score. The length of each campaign is a game by itself – about 30 missions , including small stuff in the background , like the music jukebox machine, the Viking minigame, units upgrades, alien technology and more, and more!
Second campaign : “Heart of The Swarm” is expected to arrive in early 2012, which also will be campaign sized (but expansion-like priced) and final one, the Protoss Campaign “Legacy of The Void” , will probably be released somewhere around 2014. Protoss game will be at  Zeratul’s perspective , the dark Templar, whom we saw in Wings of Liberty cinematics, and even played some Protoss levels , which were disguised as Zeratul’s dreams.



Heart of The Swarm will focus on Zerg, and those are psychologically unique race. While it is pretty sure, that the campaign will be tweaked for all players to enjoy and experience (as the Terran campaign was pretty easy to finish for everybody) , it still will be rather different. Zerg are “swarming” , and “cockroach” like race, dwelling on creep, crawling and mutating. Some might find this cool and special, some might get repulsed ,especially by the sound effects. Zerg also require entirely different gameplay stile (more quantity), and have their own pros and cons. Definetely- it is going to be a special game.

Heart of Swarm also introduces some mysteries to us, and hopefully, will reveal a story behind the race. Some say, that Zerg were sent by Xal’Naga , to wipe out life from the Universe, which was also created by Xal’Naga. Kerrigan (Queen of Blades) seems to be Overmind’s attempt to break free from Xel’Naga will and stop being the weapon of destruction. But all of this yet to be uncovered in Starcraft Heart of The Swarm.

Anyways, Blizzard has never let us down,and despite very long developing/debugging/beta/tuning time we are sure, that Starcraft 2 Heart of The Swarm will be as ground shattering, as their games usually are.

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