Heart of The Swarm release date

Many of us have quickly finished the Wings of Liberty campaign,then the campaign on “hard” mode, completed lots of achievements,challenges and want the next thing as soon as possible.
While one can understand this urge , there are several reasons to understand, that Starcraft 2 HoTS is not going to come out anywhere soon. There are the reasons , that Starcraft 2 was made in 3 stages
The official sourceĀ  is interview with Chris Sigaty, Lead producer. He gave a rough estimation of about 18month till the expansion is out.
Here is the quote: “No, we’re estimating about 18 months from release of Wings of Liberty to when the next one comes out. That’s purely speculative, honestly.”

WoL was released at July 27 2010, so Starcraft 2 Heart of The Swarm release date should be anywhere at the beginning of 2012.
On the other hand, Blizzard is known to prolong its games releases up to “when it’s ready”,so we could only hope…

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1 Comment

  1. January 1st, 2011

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    oh and the starcraft 2 : lovin it !!!!!!!!!!

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